Staff, Advisors and External Examiners

With experiences from both industry and academia, our staff possess expertise and research interests over a diverse set of current and emerging technologies.
International experts
IEEE Fellows
from HKU, CUHK, Tsing Hua, ICL, Maryland, Waterloo, etc.
Experiences from both industry and academia.
Current and emerging technologies.
Adjunct Faculty
Industry experts
Tcncent technical director
ASTRI senior manager
International experts
IEEE Fellows
AI and Internet expert professors in USA
AI expert professors in Singapore
Professors and chair professors
Software industry
Digital entertainment industry
External Examiners
Academia experts
Experts in diverse fields

caring staff with diverse expertise and passion
Prof. H. Anthony CHAN
Professor and Dean
陳慶鴻教授 院長

BSc (HKU), MPhil (CUHK), PhD (Maryland), IEEE Life-Fellow

5G Wireless network, Distributed machine learning, IETF (IPv6 Internet) standards, Components/Systems and Products Reliability

Room A804-1; 📞3702 4210; 📧hhchan at; 🌐

Prof. Wan-Chi SIU
Research Professor
蕭允治教授 研究教授

MPhil (CUHK), PhD (Imperial College London), IEEE Life-Fellow

DSP and Fast Algorithms, Intelligent Image and Video Coding, HDTV and 3DTV, Super-Resolution with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Visual Surveillance, Object Recognition and Tracking, Visual Technology for Vehicle Safety and Autonomous Car

Room A808; 📞3702 4229; 📧wcsiu at; 🌐

Prof. Dah-Ming CHIU
Research Professor
邱達民教授 研究教授

BSc (Imperial College London), PhD (Harvard), IEEE Fellow

Applied data analysis, Internet content distribution, and network economics


Prof. Andrew Y T Leung
Research Professor
梁以德教授 研究教授

MSc, PhD, DSc Aston, CEng, FRAeS, FRICS, MIStructE, MHKIE

Wind/earthquake engineering, fatigue, fracture/corrosion, noise/vibration reduction, environmental acoustics, structure vibration, monitoring and control, dynamic stress, jet fan, tunneling


Dr. Tik Tsuen Anthony WONG
Assoc Prof, Assoc Dean
黃荻荃博士 副教授 副院長

MSc (Warwick), MBA (OUHK), MSc (Victoria University of Technology), DBA (Univ. of Newcastle), HD (HKPolyU), GradDip (HKMA)

Corporate Social Responsibility, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Online Behaviour, Marketing, Management, e-business, Information Systems, Organisation Commitment, Employee Behaviour

Room A810; 📞3702 4202; 📧awong at; 🌐

Dr. Ying Chao Zhao
Associate Professor
趙英超博士 副教授

BEng, MEng, PhD (Tsinghua)

Algorithm design and Analysis, Computational Complexity, Operations Research, Algorithmic Game Theory

Room A805; 📞3702 4206; 📧yczhao at; 🌐

Dr. Xueting Tina LIU
Assistant Professor
劉雪婷博士 助理教授

BEng, BA (Tsinghua), PhD (CUHK)

Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Computational Art

Room A806; 📞3702 4217; 📧tliu at; 🌐

Dr. Chengze LI
Assistant Professor
李承澤博士 助理教授


Computer Graphics, Computational Photography, Non-photorealistic Rendering

Room A806; 📞3702 4221; 📞 ; 📧czli at;

Dr. Sick Lun Wallace CHING
Assistant Professor
程識麟博士 助理教授

BA(Hon)(Oxford), MS,PhD(UPenn),CFA

AI in Robotics, Cognitive Robotics, Neurosymbolic AI, Knowledge representation, Knowledge graph machine learning

Room A807 📞3702 4203 📧wching at;

Dr. Hui LIU
Assistant Professor
劉卉博士 助理教授

BEng (CSU), MEng (NTU), PhD (CityU)

Image/Video Representation, Processing and Analysis, Semi/Un-supervised Modeling for Data Clustering/Classification, Deep learning

Room A807; 📞3702-4216; 📧h2liu at

Dr. Joseph M. ARUL
Senior Lecturer
周賜福博士 高級講師

BSc(Indore), BPh, BTh(JDV, Pune), MSc(dePaul), PhD(UAH)

Computer architecture, Multithreaded system, Efficient Memory management Technologies, Cache Memory Optimization, Machine Learning.

Room A810; 📞3702-4204; 📧jarul at

Mr. Kin Chung Kinson CHEUNG
Senior Lecturer
張健聰先生 高級講師

BArch (Toronto), MSc (CityU)

Computer Graphics, Animation, Arts and Design

Room A810; 📞3702 4205; 📧kcheung at; 🌐

Dr. Chi Keung William CHEUNG
張志強博士 副研究員及講師

BEng (Portsmouth), PhD (Cranfield)

STEM, AI in education

Room A804; 📞3702-4214; 📧wcheung at

Ching Nam HANG
幸政南 講師

BSc, PhD candidate(CityU)

Data Science, Network Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI for Health-Tech and Ed-Tech

Room A804; 📞3702-4208; 📧cnhang at

Ho Hin Horence CHAN
陳皓軒 講師


IT in health science

Room A804; 📞3702-4212; 📧hchan at

Kin Kei Keith TSANG
曾健基 講師

BSc, MSc (CityU)

Web programming, Web3.0, mobile apps technology / gaming

Room A804; 📞3702 4219; 📧kk2tsang at

Wing Ho Eric CHENG
Senior Research Assistant
鄭永灝 高級助理研究員


Computer vision, Image and Video processing, Object recognition and tracking, Machine learning and deep learning

Room A804; 📞3702-4296; 📧whcheng at

Research Assistant

BSc, MSc (Ahmadu Bello)

Deep learning, natural language processing, programming

Room A804; 📞3702 4220; 📧rsalahudeen at

CHAN Cheuk Yiu Allan
Research assistant
陳卓耀 助理研究員


Image Processing, Computer vision, Deep learning

Room A804; 📞3702-4220; 📧cy3chan at

HUI Chun Chuen Ryan
Research assistant
許晉銓 助理研究員


Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Image Processing, Style transfer

Room A804; 📞3702-4294; 📧cchui at

JIA Shaohua
Research assistant
賈少華 助理研究員

BEng(CQJTU), MEng(IMU), PhD candidate(BJUT)

Natural language processing, Computer vision, image and video processing, causal inference

Room A804; 📞3702-4476; 📧shjia at

LEE Chun On Alisdair
Research assistant
李駿銨 助理研究員

BEng(HKUST), PhD candidate(PolyU)

Signal Processing, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, Machine Learning

Room A804; 📞3702-4213; 📧colee at

LIN Jian
Research assistant
林健 助理研究員


Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Software Development

Room A804; 📞3702-4460; 📧jlin at

GONDA Lorenz Angelo Aguila
Research assistant


Machine Learning, Deep learning, Unity (Game Engine), Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Room A804; 📧lgonda at

TSANG Chi Long Aaron
Research assistant
曾志朗 助理研究員

BA(Carleton), BScDET(SFU)

Computer vision, Deep learning

Room A804; 📧cltsang at

CHOY Chun Wang Stephen
Research assistant
蔡浚泓 助理研究員


Web interface development

Room A804; 📞3702-4228; 📧schoy at

Administrative Officer
盧德明先生 行政職員


Room A804; 📞3702-4211; 📧larokiasamy at

Chin Kuen Kenny CHENG
Program Officer
鄭展權 專案職員


Room A804; 📞3702-4469; 📧kcheng at

Part-time staff
Dr. Ting-wai Dominic SIU
Part-time lecturer

📧dsiu at

Dr. Chao IEONG
Part-time lecturer

📧cieong at

Part-time lecturer

📧jcheng at

Dr. Ling Elaine WONG
Part-time lecturer

📧elwong at

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Adjunct Faculty Members

Dr. Simon LUI
Adjunct Professor
雷兆恆博士 客座教授

BEng (CHUK), MPhil (HKU), PhD (HKUST)

Chief Expert (Audio), Central Media Tech Institute, Huawei

Dr. Dominic Sai Fan CHAN
Adjunct Associate Professor

BSc (Warwick), MPhil (Loughborough), PhD (Imperial College London)

Audio and DSP Systems

Senior Manager, Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

Dr. Wen Chao XU
Adjunct Assistant Professor
徐文超博士 客座助理教授

BSc, MSc (Zhejiang), PhD (Waterloo)

Reinforcement learning, Vehicular Network, Wireless Sensor Network

Assistant Research Professor, HKPolyU

Room A804; 📞3702 4204; 📧wcxu at; 🌐

Mr. Paul Hodgson
Adjunct Lecturer



Director, Oceanway Corporation Limited / Brainstem Corporation Limited

📧phodgson at; oceanway2009 at;

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Advisors from academia
Prof. Francis Y. L. CHIN
Emeritus and Honorary Professor, HKU
錢玉麟教授 香港大學榮休教授

PhD (Princeton), IEEE Fellow, HKIE Fellow, HKACE Fellow

Prof. Chin was the founding Head of Department of Computer Science at HKU, had served as the Associate Dean of the Graduate School at HKU, an Associate Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at HKU, Managing Editor of the International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science. He is a member of the editorial boards of Current Bioinformatics, Information Processing Letters, the Computer Processing of Oriental Languages and the Chinese Journal of Advanced Software Research.

Prof. Raj JAIN
Barbara H. and Jerome R. Cox Jr Professor, Washing Univ. St. Louis

PhD (Harvard), IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, AAAS Fellow, St. Louis Acadmia of Science Fellow

Prof. Jain was the CTO and a Cofounder of a ompany in San Jose, CA., a Senior Consulting Engineer at DEC, winner of 2018 James B. Eads Award from Academy of Science, Saint Louis, ACM SIGCOMM Lifetime Achievement Award 2017, 2015 A. A. Michelson Award from Computer Measurement Group, 2014 Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIS, 2006 ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time award, CDAC-ACCS Foundation Award 2009, and WiMAX Forum Individual Contribution Award 2008.

Prof. James Tin-Yau KWOK
Professor, CSE, HKUST
郭天佑教授 香港科技大學教授

PhD (HKUST), IEEE Fellow

Prof. Kwok He served/is serving as an Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Neurocomputing, International Journal of Data Science and Analytics (JDSA), Governing Board Member, and Vice President for Publications of the Asia Pacific Neural Network Society (APNNS). He also served/is serving as Area Chairs of major machine learning / AI conferences including NIPS, ICML, ICLR, IJCAI, AAAI and ECML.

Prof. Tze Yun LEONG
Professor (Practice) of CS, National Univ. of Singapore

PhD (MIT), ACMI Fellow

Prof. Leong directs the Medical Computing Laboratory at the School. She is also Director of AI Technology at AI Singapore. She is an elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI) and a founding Member of the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics (IAHSI).

Prof. Tien-Tsin WONG
Professor, CS and E, CUHK
黃田津教授 香港中文大學教授


Prof. Wong is a core member of Virtual Reality, Visualization and Imaging Research Centre in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He received the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Prize Paper Award 2005 and the Young Researcher Award 2004. He is currently the Academic Committee of Microsoft Digital Cartoon and Animation Laboratory in Beijing Film Academy.

Prof. Kenneth Kin Man LAM
Professor, EIE, HKPolyU
林建文教授 香港理工大學教授

PhD (Sydney)

Prof. Lam has been actively involved in professional activities, including being technical chairman of the 2004 International Symposium on Intelligent Multimedia, Video and Speech Processing, technical co-chairmain of the 2005 International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems, 2010 Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia, Chairman of IEEE Hong Kong Chapter of Signal Processing in 2007-08, currently Board of Governors member of the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association.

Advisors from industry
Mr. Ivan K. C. LEE
General Manager and Director, Jadason Technology Ltd.
Ir Raymond WOO
Director, 2Fi Business Solutions Ltd.

2Fi Business Solutions Ltd.

CEO & Founder, Popsible Ltd.

Sam is President, Association of Metaverse (AoM)

Gabriel PANG
Managing Director, Firedog Creative Company

Gabriel is Chair, Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association Executive Committee

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External Examiners

Dr. Minming LI
Associate Professor, CS, City Univ HK
李閩溟博士 香港城市大學副教授

PhD (Tsinghua)

Dr. Li is external examiner to BScDET programme.

Dr. Chun Kit CHUI
Senior Lecturer, CS, HKU
崔俊傑博士 香港大學高級講師

PhD (HK)

Dr. Chui is external examiner to BScDET programme.

Dr. Chi-Kin LEUNG
Assistant Professor, EIE, HK PolyU
梁志堅博士 理工大學助理教授


Dr. Leung is external examiner to BScDET programme.

Prof. Chong-Wah NGO
Professor, CIS, Singapore Mgmt Univ
楊宗樺教授 星加坡管理大學教授

PhD (HKUST), SrMIEEE, ACM Distinguished Scientist

Prof. Ngo is external examiner to BScAI programme.

Prof. Rynson W.H. LAU
Professor, CS, CityU

PhD (Cambridge)

Prof. Lau is external examiner to BScAI programme.

Dr. Oladayo BELLO
Assistant Professor, New Mexico State Univ

PhD (Cape Town)

Dr. Bello is external examiner to BScAI programme.

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