ROV Workshop and Competition

Hong Kong secondary schools are invited to participate in a 6-hour underwater robotics building workshop.

Tutors with trainer certificate from IEEE will teach students how to make this remote operating vehicle from scratch.

The school may keep their robots after the workshops.

To register: Email us with preference for one/two days for student/instructor training:
18 December 2021
22 December 2021
23 December 2021
8 January 2022



Certificates upon completion of the workshop are issued by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Hong Kong Section Consumer Technology and Oceanic Engineering Society Joint Chapter and by Marine Advanced Technology Education Certification.

IEEE Young Engineers Conference

A competition will be held simulating real-life issues that can be solved by underwater vehicles. Students can form teams and modify their robots to complete the tasks.

They are then guided to present at the IEEE Young Engineers Conference.

Materials, Tools, and Financial Sponsorship

10 sets of Materials and tools are fully sponsored for up to 40 students.

The units after that will be at HK$2,000 each, which is split over the number (up to 4) of students in the ROV team.

Learn and Practice

Motivated through interesting hands-on project, math and science are taught.

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