Virtual Open Day

Image processing

Dr. LIU Xueting Tina - Manga Example

Prof. Wan-Chi SIU - Autonomous Driving Example

Prof. Wan-Chi SIU - Intelligent Home/Hotel Example

Prof. Wan-Chi SIU - Object Detect Example

Prof. Wan-Chi SIU - Super Resolution Example

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Student Game development class project, 2021-22




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Visual effect

Kinson CHEUNG - Crystal falling

- Doll Hair

- Water come out

- Water flow

- bifrost aero ball

- Phone drop

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- Motion Capture

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- Programme overview

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BSc in Digital Entertainment Technology

AI and Digital Entertainment Technology

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AI experiments with Google

10 craziest AI experiments

Quick Draw


Even Stranger Things: make a strange poster from a photo


A.I. Duet

Interactive Image Translation with pix2pix-tensorflow

The Infinite Drum Machine


Intro to Artbreeder

Explore your Creativity - Artbreeder

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Webpage course student work

Ms. HO Man Hung - photo

Mr. HUI Wan Ngok - iphone

Mr. SUEN Ho Chit - personal webpage

Mr. KWOK Yeung Cheung - cocktail

Ms. LIP Ming Yan - Unicef

Ms. TANG Ka Hei - United Nation