BScDET/BScAI International student scholarship

Qualified international Catholic student may be waived up to 89.6% tuition.

The academic performance, financial needs and motivation to study in a Catholic Institution are all considered in awarding the scholarship.

Why BSc(Honor)DET/AI at Caritas?

An BSc degree program combining Information Technology (IT), design, artificial intelligence (AI), animation, networking to nurture well-rounded professionals who are career-ready in the ever-evolving digital age.

Why Catholic values?

Authentic Catholic teaching environment guides students to live out Christian faith in using the gifts of human intelligence and fast technology developments to serve people and the common good of the society, which is especially needed where the culture of death, immorality and sex revolution are widespread in many secular institutions.

Admission requirements

Successful completion of high school education in a 12-grade school system including basic STEM courses and enough preparation in English proficiency to enable studying with lectures taught in English. Performance based on school transcript will be evaluated individually. Non-Chinese speaking international students may be exempted from Chinese language study. Interested students without need of financial aid may apply for admission only.


The 4-year curriculum meeting the needs of the industry and providing students with the necessary skills, knowledge and opportunity to widen their exposure in useful fields consists of:

optional participation exchange student program and work internship.

Self nomination/nominations from school principal, teachers, and parish pastors are welcome!

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