AI and Digital Entertainment Technology

Artificial Intelligence
Employable anywhere in the world: Huge needs in every profession but very few institutions in the world have yet offered BSc in AI.
Employable also in almost any field of choice: with the related interdisciplinary AI curriculum
Digital Entertainment Technology
Combine IT with Design skills
Useful technologies in software development, multimedia, virtual reality, AI
Higher Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, Information and Communication Technology
Core AI and ICT curriculum with electives in IT, design, and others
bridges to BSc(Hon)AI or BSc(Hon)DET at Year 3
Apply directly at SFU website
International experts
IEEE Fellows
from HKU, CUHK, Tsing Hua, Imperial College London, Harvard, Maryland, Waterloo, etc.
Experiences from both industry and academia.
Current and emerging technologies.
with taught
Information Technology
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
Artificial Intelligence
combining IT, Design, AI, etc. The School provides a well-rounded education in computing/information, multimedia, virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR), design, and artificial intelligence (AI), to address the needs with the fast changing global industry.
Health sciences profession Languages profession Social Sciences profession, etc.
is useful to many professions
Web designer Software developer Motion designer
with many dream job options

in a rewarding career
Vision and Mission

The vision of the School is to nurture talents to contribute to human life with advances in information and communication technology through a supportive and collaborative environment with exchange of ideas for staff (i) to innovate in cutting-edge and also in interdisciplinary research, to apply them to contribute to the society, and (ii) to educate students with up-to-date knowledge, competent practical skills and proper ethical value to prepare them to become professionals in areas that are increasingly driving the society.

The School aims to develop students with self-confidence, active learning and independence, to cater with the rapid advancing of new technologies and applications, and contribute their knowledge and competence to their career and the community.

The mission is to advance knowledge through research, which is also applied to education, as we:

  1. identify the emerging technologies that can contribute to the society for research.
  2. establish connections to the society to link knowledge, practicality, and work experience and to identify their useful research problems.
  3. collaborate with other schools in inter-disciplinary areas for research and education.

We develop graduates both in academic and professional competence, who are ready to contribute to the social and moral well-being of the community as we:

  1. develop and offer quality academic programmes in information and communication technology which are relevant to the needs of professionals, commercial, social and academic communities;
  2. equip students with competence in analysing and learning new computing technologies with applications in different areas;
  3. cultivate holistic development of graduates with high ethical standards, communication skills, critical thinking and professional competence for their successful career, life development and contribution to the society.
Research Projects

The funded projects involving the School of CIS from 2015 are:

Project Period Title Funding Scheme/Body Researcher Amount (HK$) School(s)
2015-2017 Web technologies for 3D content creation and collaborative manipulation FDS / RGC Raymond PANG 1,143,100 CIS
2015-2017 Context-aware learner profiling for e-learning system: classization, groupization and personalization FDS / RGC Fulee WANG 1,124,125 CIS
2015-2016 Seminar and Workshop Series in Digital Entertainment and Toy Computing UGC/IIDS11/E01/15 Jeff TANG 540,500 CIS
2016-2018 Vision-based Two-hand Gesture Recognition and Evaluation System for Healthcare Training FDS / RGC Raymond PANG 884,839 CIS
2016-2018 An Automated Student Program Assessment Framework with Tailorable and Automated Test Oracle for Computer Science Education UGC/FDS11/E02/15 Prof. Chung-Keung POON 769,925 CIS
2016-2019 OREO: Cross-Layer Optimization for Power Efficient OLED Display UGC/FDS11/E04/15 Dr. Yingchao ZHAO 638,250 CIS
2016-2019 Establishment of Healthcare Research Centre IDS / RGC Eric CHAN (HS), Wai Shing HO 7,900,000 HS/CIS
2017-2020 Structural Modeling, Characterization and Analysis of New Receptor-Ligand Systems: Applying Computational Methods in Molecular Binding Affinity Analysis FDS / RGC Dan WANG, Wai Shing HO 1,147,621 CIS
2017-2019 Sentiment Analysis based on Multi-source Social Network Data FDS / RGC Fulee WANG, C.K. Poon, Yingchao ZHAO 789,000 CIS
2019-2021 Learning Resource Centre for Health Sciences (LRCHS) QESS / EDB Dr. Waishing HO, Prof. Annie BLIGH, Dr. Carol CHAN (HL), Dr. Margaret PAU (HL), Prof. H. Anthony CHAN 2,255,056 HL/CIS
2020-2022 Establishment of Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research UGC/IDS(R)11/19 Prof. H. Anthony CHAN, Prof. Wan Chi SIU, Dr. Tina LIU, Dr. Ita FUNG (HL), Dr. Ricky AU (SS), Dr. Charles CHOW (BHM) 2,713,880 CIS
2020-2022 Energy-efficient joint resource scheduling for wireless networked control systems UGC/FDS11/E03/19 Dr. Yingchao ZHAO 681,820 CIS
2020-2021 Style-aware Manga Auto-Screening with Semiparametric Learning IDG / SFU Dr. Tina LIU 82,000 CIS
2020-2022 A mobile Comprehensive Learning Protocol (CLP) to enhance learning motivation and study skills of students QESS / EDB Dr. Anthony WONG 1,320,000 CIS
2021-2023 Establishment of Techno-Humanities Research Centre UGC/IDS(R)11/20 Prof. Sin Wai CHAN (HL), Prof. H. Anthony CHAN 3,943,705 CIS/HL
2021-2023 Creating an Automatic Football Commentary System with Image Recognition and Cantonese Voice Output UGC/IDS(C)11/E01/20 Prof. Wan Chi SIU, Prof. Sin Wai CHAN (HL), Prof. H. Anthony CHAN 6,793,100 CIS/HL
2021- Deep Comic Screening via Tone-aware Semantic Layer Analysis UGC/FDS11/E01/21 Dr. Xueting LIU 1,022,450 CIS
2022- Deep Comic Screening via Tone-aware Semantic Layer Analysis UGC/FDS11/E01/21 Dr. Xueting LIU 1,022,450 CIS
2022- Instance-aware Cartoon Stylization of Photo and Videos UGC/FDS11/E02/21 Dr. Chengze LI 877,550 CIS
2022- Facility Location Games with Ordinal and Cardinal Preferences UGC/FDS11/E03/21 Dr. Yingchao ZHAO 999,450 CIS
2023- Chaotized Plasma for actively combating airborne COVID19 UGC/FDS11/E01/22 Prof. Andrew Yee-tak LEUNG 833,054 CIS
2023- Robust Graph-based Clustering: From Shallow to Deep UGC/FDS11/E02/22 Dr. Hui LIU 989,100 CIS
2023- Chinese Calligraphic Animation Generation via Deep Stroke Segmentation and Contour-based Trajectory Identification UGC/FDS11/E03/22 Dr. Xueting LIU 1,089,150 CIS
2023- Deep Learning Based Face Super-Resolution: for Small and Incomplete Images UGC/FDS11/E05/22 Prof. Wan-chi SIU 1,385,800 CIS
2024- Providing Clean Air to Breathe by Wet Electrostatic Precipitators UGC/FDS11/E01/23 Prof. Andrew Yee-tak LEUNG 1,355,776 CIS
2024- Developing Efficient Cartoon Animation Editing Pipeline via Deep Entity Recognition and Motion Analysis UGC/FDS11/E02/23 Dr LI Chengze 1,295,180 CIS

SFU is awarded UGC-IDS Collaborative Research Grant, "Creating an Automatic Football Commentary System with Image Recognition and Cantonese Voice Output," at HK$6.8 million from 1/1/2021-31/12/2023.

Principal Coordinator: Prof. SIU Wan Chi
Co-PI: Prof. CHAN Sin Wai
Co-I: Prof. H. Anthony CHAN

SFU is awarded UGC-IDS Research Infrastructure Grant, Establishment of Distributed Artificial Intelligecne Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research" at HK$2.7 million from 1/1/2020-31/12/2022.

Team leader: Prof. H. Anthony CHAN.
Team members:
Prof. SIU Wan Chi, Dr. LIU Xueting Tina in School of Computing and Information Sciences;
Dr. FUNG Ho Chi Ita, School of Health Sciences;
Dr. AU Kwok Cheong Ricky, Elizaberta Lo Padilla Tong School of Social Sciences;
Dr. LEE Chin Wai Patrick, School of Humanities and Languages;
Dr. YANG Yih-Shang.

Prof. Chan with co-authors received the 2020 Best research paper award in Computer Communications from Elsevier for the paper "Optimal virtual network function placement in Multi-cloud service function.

Prof. Chan presented "Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare" at WooFo "Healthcare Impact Circle" in 2019

Prof. Chan presented "What is Cloud Technology and its history" at Cloud Technology Workshop organized by the Caritas IT Advancement Centre on 5 Nov 2019

Senior Lecturer Kinson Cheung attended the opening ceremony of the 7th Animation Support Program on 5 August 2019 and was presented appreciation by the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association.

Dr. Jacky Chan was presented with St. Francis Teaching Excellence Award at the Second Annual Learning and Teaching Symposium on 12 June 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a talk on "Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" at the Second Annual Learning and Teaching Symposium on 12 June 2019.

Delegates from University of Assumption visited the Digital Entertainment Lab (Room 620) on 20 May 2019.

Delegates from Holy Trinity College visited the Digital Entertainment Lab (Room 620) on 31 May 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a seminar on "5G Wireless: Impact and Opportunities" at Design Week on 28 June 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a seminar on "5G Wireless: Impact and Opportunities" at 25th HK International Education Expo on 18 May 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a seminar on "5G and Future Wireless Internet" at Southern University of Science and Technology, ZhenShen, on 8 May 2019.

Prof. Chan served as a panelist on " Huawei and 5G Network" at RTHK on 15 April 2019.

Prof. Chan shared how science and Catholic Faith help each other in his own life experiences at "Living Water Foundation."

Prof. Chan shared how Catholic Faith have been enriching his research career in science and technology at " Living Water Foundation."

Prof. Chan presented a 2.5-hour talk on "Shroud of Turin: Scientific Investigations and Meditations" at "Living Water Foundation" on 17 August 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a 2-hour talk on "Shroud of Turin: Scientific Investigations and Meditations" at Duns Scotus Bible Centre on 15 April 2019, and also at Holy Cross Church on 5 June 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a talk on "Shroud of Turin and the Passion of Jesus" at St. James Church on 19 April 2019.

Prof. Chan delivered 2 condensed talks on "Shroud of Turin" at St. Francis Canonssian Collegein on 19 March and 4 April 2019.

Prof. Chan presented a condensed dinner talk on "Scientific Investigations of the Shroud of Turin" at SFU/CBCC on 9 April 2019.

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Many dream job options:

Computer and information technologies have influenced almost every product/service in human life, and the job market will therefore continue to be in demand.

Useful to many professions:

Collaboration in Artificial Intelligence with Design, Business and Hospitality Management, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Languages is being established. One can work for many different applications and flexibly move to other professions in one's career.

Rewarding career:

The gift of intelligence have enabled human beings to invent and develop new technologies and many powerful tools. We strive to motivate students through education to lead a career that, in addition to making a living, also rewardingly contributes to the common good with moral and social responsibilities to better serve the society as contrast to the misuse of technologies to cause harm.

Education and Career Pathways 繁中 简中

Graduates can, for example, pursue a career in the Digital Entertainment industry by starting as a Mobile App Developer, Web Developer, Game Programmer, User Interface Designer, Computer Animator, Motion Graphics Designer, etc. They can also join the Information Technology industry

Graduates can also pursue further studies on different postgraduate programmes in Digital Entertainment and related areas.

Local AR/VR industry:

4th Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme

In 2021, government supports $6,000 per month for 1 year for a list of about 27 jobs from participating companies. The support is an addition to the salary paid by the employer.

GO VR Immersive
ICE Production
Info City I.T. Consulting (HK ITC Award 2018 Winner Gold Award)
Multiway Creative
AVA Tech (HK ITC Award 2018 Silver Award Winner)
Motive Force (R&D and commercialization of enterprise grade immersive CAVE technology)
Creative designers, innovators, programmers and engineers by Shopping Plus

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Software developers

2024: Python developer salary in US

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Funding and Research

Innovation and Technology Fund

University Grants Committee: Faculty Development Scheme

University Grants Committee: Collaborative Research Grant

University Grants Committee: Research Infrastructure Grant

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute

Green Tech Fund

Health and Medical Research Fund

ICT programmes

AI Programs

ICT Programs

Public ICT events

Learning & Teaching Expo

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Intro to Applied Linear Algebra - Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares by Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe

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2 Chui Ling Lane, Tseung Kwan O, N.T., HK

Direction by subway station

Take subway (or bus) to Tiu Keng Leng subway station 調景嶺地鐵站.
Take exit B to enter into shopping mall.
Take escalator to go up and walk inside the mall following the sign towards: Shin Ming Estate 善明邨。
The "Shin Ming Estate" sign will lead you go up another escalator and then exit from the mall.
SFU is the first building on the left after you exit from the mall.

The offices of the academic staff in the School of Computing and Information Sciences are on the A8 level.

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